Names of our Fallen lovingly read by
Gold Star Mother Nancy Geary
& Gold Star Uncle Bill Geary.
Video photos by Friend of the Fallen Alan Glassman.


February 17, 1980 ~ January 24, 2004


Operation Iraqi Freedom
Company B, 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry, Fort Hood TX; attached to Task Force All American;

23, of
Berlin, N.H.;
killed in action when a vehicle-based improvised explosive device detonated in Khalidiyah, Iraq.

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Randy was raised by his grandfather, William Gemitti, a Korean War veteran. William remembers his grandson as "a big, husky fellow and a great fly-fisher, liked by all.” When the Randy was growing up, he often went fishing and hunting with his grandfather. Randy graduated from Berlin High School in 1998, and following in his grandfather’s footsteps, joined the Army. The two wrote letters frequently and remained close. Randy was a soldier who carried kindness and candy with him, marked his place in his Bible with a "Sugar Babies" candy wrapper, and wore his cap backward when he wasn't on duty."
When Randy’s wife, Misty, left New Hampshire to be with her husband at Fort Hood, Texas, she told her worried sister Melissa nothing could go wrong. "I know it will work because I found my true soul mate," The couple had been married for only18 months when Randy was killed by a car bomb in Khalidiyah, Iraq. It was his second tour of duty.  “He had the ability to make anyone laugh or smile, even at his own expense. He died serving his country -- something he always believed in.", Melissa says of her brother-in-law.
Randy was often called Rosey by friends and fellow soldiers. They remember him as a “good NCO that cared for his guys, and was a good friend to those who didn’t know the ropes.” “Rosey “ knew how to talk to everyone and was liked by all who met him.